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The bigger picture

The bigger picture In Dublin, we successfully concluded the facilitation of “The bigger picture” training program, promoting international dialogue, social inclusion and solidarity of young migrants in Europe. The training program aimed to enhance capacity building and cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices for youth workers between African European experts from Sweden, Finland, Germany, Portugal Netherlands, Norway, Macedonia, Denmark, UK, and Ireland. to promote intercultural dialogue, social inclusion, and solidarity, particularly the ones working with young migrants and public authorities at regional and international level to be able to increase the empowerment for the political and civic participation of young migrants in Europe. The program will also give special attention to the prevention of youth radicalization and refugees crises. Many ideas were presented and exchanged during the training and some organizations presented new approaches to connect and interact with young people in different set of environments, others participated in role-playing activities and discussions. Day three of the program participants had the chance to elaborate and evaluate their participatory photography techniques in social media and the ways to approach and support youngsters better. The program also raised the awareness of the importance of the photography in exhibiting the needs and solutions for disadvantaged individuals and communities. Day four, we had an open program for local communities and we were proud to receive members from Dublin, Drogheda, and Dundalk.