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About Us

UDUG Association

UDUG Association was established in Dublin,Ireland in 2010 incorporated in 2014 to support the growing Somali community and other new arrivals to ensure that people could participate in the city’s economic, social, and community life.
the organization’s mission is to provide guidance, health, social, educational, vocational and character development of youth in general through the offering of structured activities such as short and long courses, homework support, field trips, sports, trainings, seminars, cooperation development with underdeveloped countries. The purpose is simply, to provide a safe and structured environment in which all children and youth can associate with their peers. 
The organization cares all generations regardless of their gender, age or ethnic background, particularly promoting youth diversity and understand that, young people naturally seek excitement, friendship and support, youth empowerment through education and employment, promoting diversity through culture and new media. UDUG is an open organization with over 500 members from different ethnic background including native IRISH. 

UDUG has long time experiences in education, social, environment, entrepreneurship, media and youth work.
The organization is managed by qualified personnel who have experience in Ault Education, Development Cooperation, EU Youth in Action programmes and also associates with highly experienced and well advanced Institutions and organizations based in Europe and beyond. 

Our Aims 

UDUG aims to continue to make positive contribution to the socio-economic development our service users and improve their lifestyle.
We will continue to use our multi-level support system offering practical help to the community.
We provide quality services and indeed we are known for this according to our client feedback satisfaction for our services.
We aim to continue the high quality service to those in need.

Our vision

We have a vision where new arrivals are respected, healthy, have choices and equal opportunities.
Our vision is that the Somali Community to integrate to the wider Ireland society to achieve good quality of education, financial independence, self-confidence and social inclusive within the Ireland’s multicultural society

Our mission

UDUG was established to safeguard the well-being and human rights of Somali people and other new arrivals in Ireland through education, advocacy, Information Advice and Guidance, empowerment and support.
-To improve the lives of disadvantaged, deprived, low income, underprivileged and marginalized people, those with vulnerable children and those who are socially inaccessible among the Somali community and Other members.

Our Goal

is to reach Somali people and those from other Irish communities need our services to enable them to use the available mainstream services.
We will help them to try to attain the best for them and to reach their potential needs.
We will continue to strive to complete our goals to a high standard and give a high quality services, skills, independence and improvement for the community.