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About the project
• Social exclusion is a major problem of our time. Social indifference and apathy regarding different social groups and social conflicts, lack of social activity, and methods for improving the situation of socially marginalized groups represent a problem in multicultural communities of Europe. Social exclusion is often a symptom of poverty, conflict and insecurity.
The successful social inclusion ofmarginalized group in multicultural societies of Europe depends largely on how many opportunities for social participation they are given. Members of minority groups are prone to different treatment in the countries and societies in which they live. This discrimination may be directly based on an individual’s perceived membership of a minority group, without consideration of that individual’s personal achievement. Acquiring alternative and effective instruments for dealing with these issues is necessary and represents a priority.
The reduction of the number of persons at risk of poverty or social exclusion in the EU is one of the key targets of the Europe 2020 strategy.
The project theme deals with filming short movies by participants on the theme of how they perceive the social exclusion, poverty, homelessness, refugees disability, membership of an ethnic minority,
lack of adequate literacy skills, unemployment, family circumstances, addiction problems and similar issues connected to social exclusion, and raising the awareness of general public, government officials and European officials about the existing problem and provoking a solution not only from the officials but from each individual who would see a movie or hear about the problem from a friend.

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