Education path as bridge to better future – Antalya, Turkey – 22nd to 27th of October 2021

Successfully concluded 6 days training program organized by UDUG ASSOCIATION with the participation of 9 European countries: Sweden, Denmark, Bosnia, Turkey, Latvia, Norway, Netherlands, Italy and Ireland. The program brought together 28 experts in the field of education and youth work, under theme ” Education path as a bridge to better future” This project was due in late 2020 but delayed due to the pandemic.The aim was to develop quality criteria and their contributions to young migrant’s needs, realities and impacts on young students, to develop essential skills to work with multicultural and intercultural youth workers groups, increase the involvement of youth workers in the development, increase the availability among youth workers to work in the social inclusion, within migrant communities and increase the youth workers participant’s motivation to introduce into social responsibility and entrepreneurial learning.

This training project was an important opportunity to provide management concept, to improve youth workers knowledge, skills, access of labor market, enlarge social- economical competencies, to give necessary tools to find proper understanding of young migrants issues, mobility, to find motivation to be a keys actors of sustainable development where they live and the way to improve the youth social responses. This training course  format and  used methods are  non- formal education and non-formal learning, involving youth workers and aims to improve the competencies of youth workers with intention to provide social responses to the full inclusion of the young students based in Europe.

This training course  was held place in Lara Garden Butik Hotel – Antalya, Turkey from 23nd
to 26th of October 2021 and it is supported by the LÈARGAS responsible for the Erasmus
Plus Programme in Ireland, under Key Action 1 – Learning Mobility of Individuals, Mobility
of learners and staff – Youth workers mobility.


Udug will lead to develop sense of consulting, inclusion, empowerment and belonging. Through dialogue, advocacy, change of best-practices and research to create positive social change.

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