This training will take place at Gormanston Park, Gormanston Rd, Gormanston, Co. Meath, K32 NH30 from the 28th August to 2nd of September 2018. This will bring together a youth leaders and youth workers from 10 different organizations in 10 different countries as well as trainers and members from local communities. This is a great opportunity for learning and best practice sharing. This is for Youth in Action Erasmus Plus project. Promoting intercultural dialogue, social inclusion and solidarity Erasmus Plus Program. This project supports the professional development of active youth workers and youth leaders who are acting as multipliers in their local communities. The aim of this current project is that newly gained knowledge, developed skills and competences will help them to approach their target group in a more effective way,
The aim of this current project is that newly gained knowledge, developed skills and competences will help them to approach their target group in a more effective way

What to expect from “Bigger Picture” seminar?

Participating organisations would get direct or indirect involvement of helping young people with fewer opportunities, young refugees/migrants and often in underprivileged socio-economical areas.
The “Bigger Picture” seminar will utilize the art of photographs and digital learning, therefore, youth workers will have the opportunity to inhance their experience and engagement dealing with young prople who are often not attractive to cnventional approuches. Tools such as digical gadgets which are attractive with today’s youth, easily available and understandable for their target groups. Nowadays, the majority of young people often own a camera-equipped smartphone, even the ones in underprivileged situation and regions. Though, these gadgets have not been fully appreciated and used in youth work yet. Participatory photography is a method, though which young people would be able to raise awareness about important topics in their lives and address social issues which are important for youth.
Young people will be empowered to step up for their own peers and local communities and share their thoughts online, most probably via social media while setting the appropriate limitations . Participants will have the possibility to learn about photo techniques with their own smartphones and about the steps of participatory photography. Besides, they will also share their professional and personal experiences of approaching young people in a successful manner. The project will offer space for networking between the participating organizations which will lead to the development of future youth projects between the participants and their sending organisations .


Although we will do have Team UDUG ready to collect everyone from the airport, it is always a good idea to know the rout to your accommodation “Gormanston Park, Gormanston Rd, Gormanston, Co. Meath, K32 NH30”, so please take a note of the address and the ways to get there. If your flight get delayed or arrives earlier whatever the reason might be, please wait us around WHSMITH shop, there are number of Cafeterias/food courts where you can relax wail waiting.
Those of you who purchased their tickets themselves, please make sure to keep your ticket and the boarding pass until we meet as we will need to collect it from you. Thank you for making it easy for us.!

Accommodation: -

Accommodation: - We will stay in rooms with 1 or 2 persons per room max (in separate beds) with WIFI available in and outside rooms. – If you feel the need, you can bring your own personal stuff that will make your stay more enjoyable feel free to do so..

Foods: -

We will have Continental breakfast lunch and dinner in the same place - Also, if you have any dietary requirements (such as not eating certain meat types or being vegetarian..etc), please let us know in advance, we will put effort to make your stay as comfortable as possible.


Some of you may require visa to enter Ireland, please check it early enough and let us know if we can be at any help. In case you have issue at the airport, please do not hesitate to contact Kudun Musse on 353899569700 or

Useful things to bring? -

Bring your organizational information to share with others, like books, brochures, newsletter, flyers or even roll-ups and banners. It will also be good to promote your organizations and projects, specially those related to the topic of the training. - There is a intercultural evening. It's not obligatory, but we strongly recommend you to bring some original and traditional stuff from your country/culture that you may want to share.
More info, do not hesitate to contact, or +353899569700