Youth Mobility, Citizenship for Invisible youth - of Erasmus Plus Programme

This training course will take place Dublin’s Palmerstown Lodge in Ireland from the 2nd to 12th of January 2017 and it is supported by the Irish National Agency for Erasmus Plus of Youth in Action, under Key Action 1 – Youth Mobility, Citizenship for Invisible youth - of Erasmus Plus Programme.
The action of this project underpins the purposes of knowledge, intervention, information, awareness-raising, peer leading workshops, invisible youth integration and social inclusion, active citizenship, acceptance, and tolerance in the context of seeking to contribute to the social contexts that are truly inclusive and for more complicated situations associated with the exclusion of youth workers in disadvantages situations, consequently reducing to the lowest possible number.
This mobility project is an important opportunity to provide a management concept, to improve immigrant youth’s knowledge, skills, access of labour market, enlarge social competencies, to give the necessary tools to find accurate understanding of immigrant issues, mobility, to find motivation to be key actors of sustainable development where they live and the way to improve social responses of the youth.
This training course will be in English with residential
format and will use methods of non-formal education and non-formal learning, involving with African youth background, and aims to improve the competencies of young immigrants with intention to provide social responses to the full inclusion of the African community based in Europe.


- We have your itinerary and we will do our best to help you get to the accommodation place without any problems. - Make sure that you have Euro currency with you when you arrive for the local transports. - Take a copy of invitation letter with you when you are traveling as a way to avoid problems in the border services. - Check all the details of your flight tickets and kilos of your bags to travel. Do not lose your flight!

Reaching the Lodge and further:

Although the organizers will do everything to arrange volunteers that can pick you up at the airport, we will ask you all to read careful how to reach the Palmerstown Lodge, Lucan in Dublin. Rest assured the organisation will have volunteers ready waiting you Terminal arrivals at Dublin airport in case of flight delays or volunteers not reaching the meeting point on time please take seat the Cafeteria right next to WHSMITH shop.


It is important that you change the protocols of your mobile telephones for their correct functioning during your stay in Ireland. You can ask for roaming services in your country before travel. In case you have Viber and/or whatsapp it will not be a problem for you to use in the Palmerstown lodge because we will have access to the wifi. Weather conditions for next days: Its winter time, but we will stay in land and close to the heart of Dublin city. It will be mostly cloudy and breezy an afternoon showers may develop at times. 6° – 4°

Accommodation: -

Fully guaranteed by the organizers and with Internet access. - We will stay in rooms with 3 or 4 persons per room, but not in the same bed. - You will not need, but its good if you bring your own towels and personal stuff (example: shampoo, perfume, slippers, sandals and...). - We will have internet (wifi).

Foods: -

Fully guaranteed by the organizers. - Also, if you have any dietery requirements (such as not eating certain meats or being vegetarian), please let us know in advance to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Anyone that needs specific foods please let the organizers know until 2th of January.


Make sure that you will not have visa issues that allow you to travel to Ireland. - In case you have problems in the airport, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Currency: - The currency is EURO.

What to bring with you?: -

Bring your organizational information to share with others, like books, brochures, peddy paper, newsletter, flyers or even roll-ups and banners. It will also be good to promote your organizations and projects, specially related with young migrants and topics of the training. - There is a intercultural evening. It's not obligatory, but we strongly recommend you to bring some original and traditional things from your original countries, such as clothes, flags or photo images, be careful with food restrictions at the

airport. -

We will have a space of info-Market, so bring African and European magazines, books that you want to promote from other institutions or organizations from Africa and Europe. - Winter clothes to work outdoors. It's winter time even though Ireland doesn’t snow fair amount of windy may occur at times! –
We ask you to bring your language with high tolerance, respect, empathy, readiness for a meaningful intercultural learning experience. Commitment: - Note that we will need you to participate in all activities of the training during the working days. - We’ll be taking some pictures to promote the activities and provide some physical evidences of the training. Your acceptance to be part of the group pictures is crucial. – Some videos will be recorded for dissemination and exploitation of the mobility training project. We may need you to give interviews during the training. - You will need to provide your details and sign the list of participants of the activities that will be implemented.

Personal care: -

If you are taking any medicine tell us about it. It is very important that you notify us of any health risk or possible necessary medicines. - Don't forget to bring your medications with you. Despite the accommodation being at distance to the hospital, we recommend you to bring with you all your medications you take on a daily basis. - Please bring with you your national social security card that covers medical costs around EU member states. – Remember that obtaining a health and a full travel insurance is your own responsibility and at your own expense. The information you provided on any special needs does not remove your own personal responsibility for ensuring your own health.

Partner organizations involved:

ASDA-RY Finland and SAHAN Danmark. UDUG Association Ireland is a non-profit organisation established in 2014 by active members of the community who felt the need. Udug provides support to migrant communities in Ireland in the areas of Youth development, community advancement and education. Udug tends to bring/bridge the migrant and hosting community in order to map out solutions to certain challenges. Udug is non-discriminatory association and practices inclusive policy for all. Udug is dedicated to enhance the development and employ-ability of migrant youths and community in general. To impact policy makers to consider inclusive decision making.

More info, do not hesitate to contact