About US

Udug Association-Ireland


Udug Association is a non-profit organisation established in 2013 by active members of the community who felt the need. Udug provides support to migrant communities in Ireland in the areas of Youth development, community advancement and education. Udug tends to bring/bridge the migrant and hosting community in order to map out solutions to certain challenges. Udug is non-discriminatory association and practices inclusive policy for all.
Udug is dedicated to enhance the development and employ-ability of migrant youths and community in general.
To impact policy makers to consider inclusive decision making.
We know poverty is the main challenge facing developing countries with that in mind Udug tends to link our partners in those countries with outside world to eradicate poverty and human suffering. Udug closely cooperates with a number of international partners with similar interests such as ADYNE, Puntland Community RY.. etc.
(ADYNE) African Diaspora Youth Network Europe, which currently comprises of more than 7000 members and reunites 120 associations. Puntland Community RY is a success story founded in 1998 in Finland and has overwhelming success record of delivering social development projects both in Finland and Developing World.

Udug will lead to develop sense of consulting, inclusion, empowerment and belonging. Through dialogue, advocacy, change of best-practices and research to create positive social change.

Our Mission .

• Through Inter-cultural dialogue.
• Capacity building for least skilled.
• Encouraging to social entrepreneurship for young people.
• linking between our partners in the developing countries and foreigner donors


To create strong and sustainable communities we aim to inspire young and old people to hold the power to create opportunities for themselves and others.